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2023 Father's Day Gift Guide: Top Picks for Retailers to Impress Dad's Everywhere!

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Time to Start Your Father's Day Purchasing

Prepping your front-end space with essential Father’s Day gifts can be just as challenging as, well… shopping for Dad! After all, no two Dads are alike, which is why Dad deserves something unique. With MatchSquare, the Marketplace for Local Pharmacies and Niche Retailers, we make it easy to find the right gift for Dad and to help you increase traffic and conversions to your front-end retail space.

We offer our retailers one-of-a-kind gifts from Brands not typically found on Amazon. From essential grooming to timeless keepsakes for cherished -grand and great-grandfathers. We also have the perfect gift ideas for fashion-forward, first-time Dads including trending socks and sunglasses.

Our Father’s Day Gift Guide features high-quality, best-selling, health + wellness + lifestyle products including mugs, novelty socks, greeting cards, cologne/oils, novelty accessories, wallets, sunglasses, reading glasses, multi-vitamins, healthy snacks and natural skincare. Each of our gift guide products can be easily purchased from our marketplace.

Browse by Product Type:



Grooming is an essential part of any man's daily routine, and what better way to pamper dads everywhere than with a variety of high-quality grooming products?

For the man who enjoys a classic shave experience, we have hank's SANTO shave bar. This organic shave soap offers a gentle lather that is an excellent alternative to typical shave creams. Formulated with sustainable Palo Santo and a hint of wild French lavender, this soap leaves skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Retailers will find that offering an eco-friendly and high-quality product like this will attract customers who value both luxury and sustainability.

For the busy Dad on the go, consider the Abbot Kinney Apothecary Men's 3-in-1 Tea Tree wash. This all-in-one shampoo, conditioner, and body wash is specially formulated for men's hair and skin, providing a convenient way to achieve a thorough and moisturizing clean. By offering this versatile product, retailers cater to customers who appreciate efficiency without compromising on quality.

Rounding out our grooming section, we have a selection of luxurious soaps and aftershaves. Noble Otter Soap presents Monoi de Tahiti Shave Soap, a sandalwood fragrance that combines the sweetness of coconut and vanilla with the floral notes of Tiare Flower, ginger, lime, and ocean waves. For a more masculine cologne-type scent, try Sudsy Soap Works' Black Sea Men's Soap, crafted with moisturizing coconut milk and shea butter. Finally, elevate Dad's post-shave routine with Noble Otter Soap's Two Kings Aftershave, a powerful dark floral blend with incense and spice notes. By stocking these sophisticated grooming products, retailers can offer their customers a wide range of unique and high-quality gift options for Father's Day.


Leather & Wood

Leather and wood products are a classic and timeless gift for any occasion, and Father's Day is no exception. This section features a variety of leather and wood products that any Dad would love.

Consider the Modern Cheese Serving Tray by Wild Cherry Spoon co., this walnut serving tray is perfect for displaying and serving cheese, charcuterie, or other appetizers, making it a versatile and stylish addition to any Dad's kitchenware collection. Retailers should take advantage of this opportunity to offer a high-quality and practical gift that customers will love to give their fathers.

For the Dad who enjoys playing card games, the Single Leather Case by Misc. Goods Co. is a fantastic choice. This hand-stitched, veg-tan leather case is designed to carry a deck of cards, and it comes with a black deck of playing cards. With its classic design, this leather case will age beautifully, keeping Dad's card game safe and stylish wherever he goes.

Lastly, for the minimalist Dad, Misc. Goods Co. offers the Carbon Slim Snap Wallet. This compact wallet is hand-stitched from full-grain leather and secured with a brass snap. With room for 20ish cards, IDs, and folded cash, this wallet is perfect for the father who likes to keep his essentials organized without adding bulk to his pocket. By offering these leather and wood products, retailers can provide a range of classic and timeless gift options that will appeal to a wide variety of customers looking for the perfect Father's Day present.


Gift Sets

Gift sets are a great way to give Dad a variety of products that he will enjoy. This section features a variety of gift sets that are perfect for any Dad.

Oars + Alps Travel Kit is a great choice for the Dad who likes to stay well-groomed, on the go. This kit includes TSA-friendly sizes of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and natural deodorant, all in a clear, water-resistant pouch, making it easy to pack for any trip.

For the Dad who enjoys a nice drink, the ROCKS Whiskey Chilling Stones Decanter Gift Set is an excellent choice. This set includes a decanter carafe, glasses, and whiskey chilling stones, perfect for serving and enjoying rare whiskeys. The well-thought-out design reflects the mesmerizing amber colors of your favorite bourbon, brandy, or cognac on the bottle's star-shaped pattern, making it an elegant addition to any bar cart.

For the Dad who loves to cook, the Rumi Spice Grilling Gift Set is a great choice. This set includes four flavorful and exotic spice blends that make the perfect dry rub for grilled meat, fish, or chicken. The set includes Rumi Ground Black Cumin, Cajun Spice Blend, Southwest Chili Spice Blend, and Levantine-inspired Za'atar. All of our spices are salt-free and packaged by hand to ensure maximum quality and freshness. This set is perfect for any Dad who loves to grill or cook.

By offering a diverse selection of gift sets, retailers can appeal to a wide variety of customers looking for the perfect present for their fathers.


Coffee, Spirits & Bar Accents

For the Dad who loves a great cup of coffee or appreciates fine spirits, this selection offers a range of products that cater to a refined palette.

The Planetary Design Steel Toe Travel Press is perfect for the Dad who's always on the go. This ultra-insulated stainless steel travel press allows him to brew his perfect cup of coffee wherever and whenever, ensuring a hot, fresh brew every time. The patented Bru-Stop™ press technology prevents over-extraction and bitterness, making it a must-have for any coffee enthusiast.

For the Dad who enjoys a slow, crafted coffee experience, the Public Goods Pour Over Coffee Maker is a wonderful gift. This high-fire porcelain pour over coffee dripper is both functional and elegant, providing an easy-to-use, easy-to-clean coffee brewing option. Pair it with Public Goods Ground Coffee, a carefully selected blend of organically grown and fairly traded arabica beans from Central and South America, for a complete coffee experience that highlights hints of cocoa, berries, and spices.

For the Dads who appreciate a classic cocktail, the Cocktail Kits 2 Go Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit is a great choice. This kit allows for a quick craft cocktail creation at home, out on the boat, or traveling around, providing all the necessary ingredients for four delicious drinks. For an extra touch of sophistication, add the Yes Cocktail Co Orange Peel and Bitters Cocktail Mixer, perfect for crafting an incredible old fashioned, mulled wine, or exotic tiki cocktail.

Finally, for the Dad who enjoys both whiskey and coffee, the ROCKS Whiskey Chilling Stones Gourmet Set is the ultimate gift. This set combines award-winning Kentucky Bourbon with Colombian Fair Trade and Single Origin coffee for a unique and delicious blend. The six handcrafted granite chilling stones ensure that his whiskey is chilled to the perfect temperature, making for a stunning and fun tasting experience.


Sweet N' Savory

Delight every Dad's taste buds with our curated selection of sweet and savory snacks that are perfect for the dads who love to treat themselves to unique, gourmet treats.

For the Dad who enjoys a plant-based twist on a classic snack, All Y'alls Food's It's Big Crunchy Bacony Bits Y'all will be a hit. Made entirely from plants, these Texas-sized bits offer the flavor, size, and crunch of crispy bacon while providing plenty of protein, calcium, magnesium, and iron. This vegan snack is perfect for the health-conscious father who doesn't want to sacrifice flavor.

Pop Daddy Snacks' Garlic Parmesan Seasoned Pretzels are perfect for the Dad who appreciates bold flavors. Hand-seasoned with garlic and Parmesan, these pretzel sticks are finger-licking good, and sure to keep vampires at bay.

For the coffee-loving Dad, Karmalize's Morning Joe Spread is a game-changer. This gourmet, coffee-infused almond butter offers a delicious caffeine kick, making it a great addition to breakfast or a healthy afternoon snack.


Accessories & Gadgets

Surprise your customers with innovative, stylish accessories and gadgets that Dads will love to use and show off.

For the Dad who appreciates great design and quality sound, Bitti Gitti's Razor Black Wooden Sound System is a must-have. This award-winning sound system works with any smartphone and doesn't require electricity or special connections. Crafted from birchwood, it delivers a warmer tone, smoother highs, and more prominent bass, all while increasing music volume by 400%.

For the fashion-forward Dad, Tailored Union's Camo Men's Ribbed Crew Socks offer style and comfort. Made with premium combed cotton, these socks feature a camouflage design, reinforced toe-heel, and Terry footing. They're perfect for the Dad who enjoys making a statement with his wardrobe.

Finally, the Time Concept Buddy Beat Light is a practical and innovative gift for the Dad who loves outdoor activities. This hands-free light and speaker can be worn around the neck and features powerful LED lights to illuminate the surroundings. With Bluetooth connectivity and call receiving capabilities, this gadget ensures Dad stays safe and connected during his evening adventures.



Indulge the senses with a selection of captivating scents from our gift guide. These carefully curated fragrances and products will provide an immersive sensory experience that Dads will love, making them perfect choices for thoughtful and memorable gifts.

For the Dad who enjoys the calming scent of incense, Misc. Goods Co.'s Valley of Gold Incense Sticks are a top choice. These premium fragrance incense sticks create an earthy, floral atmosphere reminiscent of a wild garden in full bloom, featuring a balanced blend of 13 essential oils. Made in the U.S. from natural materials, these incense sticks bring a touch of nature to any home.

Atelier 880's Leather Scented Candle is perfect for the dad who loves bold, masculine scents. This 100% soy wax candle features notes of leather, tobacco, and spices, and comes in elegant amber glass packaging with a wood lid. For a more customizable option, their Custom Soy Candles in Amber Glass allow for private labeling and a variety of custom scent options; ranging from Currant, Lavender, Neroli, Palo Santo, Sandalwood, and many more.

Lastly, Misc. Goods Co. also offers Underhill Incense Cones, which offer a rich, warm tone and connection to the past through centuries-old burning rituals. All of these options are perfect for the dad who appreciates great design, quality scents, and thoughtful gifts.



Offer your customers a chance to communicate their love and gratitude for their fathers with our selection of meaningful cards.

For the Dad who deserves some relaxation, Worthwhile Paper's Dads Deserve to Chill Card is the perfect choice. Printed on recycled green kraft paper, this cute and thoughtful card is a gentle reminder for Dad to take a break.

Slightly Stationery's All A-Boat You card is a playful, nautical-themed option for the Dad who loves sailing or simply enjoys being near the water. Another great choice from Slightly Stationery is the Call Dad card. Featuring a simple yet meaningful design, it comes with a matching envelope and provides a blank canvas for any heartfelt message.

k.Patricia Designs' You're Nacho Average Dad Happy Father's Day! card is a fun and punny option for the Dad who enjoys a good laugh following any “cheesy” joke. With these creative and thoughtful cards, you're sure to help your customers find the perfect sentiment to express their love and appreciation for their Dad this Father's Day.


Don’t have time? No problem. Your MatchSquare Personal Concierge is here to help and will provide you with 2% cashback annually on all purchases. Plus we know our products, inside and out, and can quickly get your front-end Father’s Day ready, with a few clicks of the mouse. Give us a call at (248) 971-0912 and speak with our Live Customer Support team to get started. Happy Shopping and Happy Father’s Day!

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