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About MatchSquare

A place where niche brands and local retailers connect and thrive

The Marketplace for Local

MatchSquare is the Wholesale Marketplace that provides a curated product experience for Local Pharmacies & Niche Retailers targeting unique Health + Wellness + Lifestyle products. By differentiating your front end offerings, we help drive customer traffic through your front door.

"Buying from sales reps, hunting wholesale marketplaces and traveling to trade shows in search of better offerings for customers has been a common problem...until now. With MatchSquare, we've made it easy to find unique health, wellness, and lifestyle products that help drive profit and foot traffic through the front door."

Our Mission

Our mission is to help connect innovative brands and their unique products with local pharmacies & niche retailers. We offer thoughtful, engaging experiences for our customers seeking Health + Wellness + Lifestyle brands.

What makes us unique?

We're hyper-focused on local pharmacy retailer needs and driving traffic through your door with the right products for your customers and patients. 

We’re not for everybody - MatchSquare Brands go through a careful screening process for operational excellence and product mix. This guarantees they earn the MatchSquare M-tag of approval.

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What You Get With MatchSquare
Our Journey to MatchSquare

The old saying goes: “necessity is the mother of invention.” When MatchRX was founded in 2010, we revolutionized the way community pharmacies minimize waste and meet their patients’ needs. Since then, MatchRX has grown to 7,000+ pharmacies across the U.S. 


Built on the same principle of making purchases for the front end easy - MatchSquare was born. At their local business - Village Pharmacy in Bloomfield, MI, Gabe & Renee realized wholesalers and marketplaces were not meeting the needs of today’s local pharmacy. By partnering with you, we at MatchSquare look forward to helping you along your road to success! 


- Gabe & Renee Z.

We're Taking Things Up a Notch

MatchSquare helps pharmacists become retail experts by providing them with curated product experiences from unique brands focused on Health + Wellness + Lifestyle products. MatchSquare’s marketplace brings local pharmacies and small retailers together with unique brands to do what they both love—serve their communities with new products arriving daily. We source brands that aren’t always found online or at major retailers.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs succeed. Whether you're a Brand, a Retailer, or displaced individual, MatchSquare wants to help empower you to achieve your goals.

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