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“I love shopping MatchSquare because it has everything I need for my front-end. It’s user friendly and has all the unique products my primary wholesaler doesn’t offer.”

Donnie Calhoun, Calhoun Pharmacy

It happened one day. As local pharmacy owners, Gabe and I realized that a lot was missing from our front-end retail space. We found that our customers were looking for more than just prescriptions. They wanted birthday cards, wrapping paper, and even gifts for friends and family. Quick but unique gifts that they could grab on the go along with other necessities such as party favors, pet treats, and impulse items like healthy snack bars our Primary Wholesaler doesn’t offer.


The problem we kept running into was having to go through too many catalogs, trade shows, and other sources to meet the quality standards our customers were looking for.  The more unique brands we sourced for our store on the spectrum of Health + Wellness + Lifestyle, the more products began to fly off our shelves.


Knowing the 7,000+ pharmacies on our sister site, MatchRX, could benefit from a one-stop-shop like MatchSquare, we got busy and built it.


We hope MatchSquare enhances your front-end and makes shopping fun again for your customers.


-Renee & Gabe Z.


Our mission is to help entrepreneurs succeed. Whether you're a Brand, a Retailer, or displaced individual, MatchSquare wants to help Empower you to achieve your goals.

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